Acuity Unified Communications Limited

Fixed line

Acuity CallLink Inbound, Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers coupled with powerful online call management functionality via an easy to use web portal

Acuity CallLink Inbound is sub-divided into two sub-categories, CallLink Numbers, which provides a full range of Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers across all principal tariffs and CallLink Manager, a powerful online call management service which delivers secure end-user access to a full range of control and reporting features associated with those numbers.

Acuity CallLink Numbers

Acuity’s CallLink Numbers are more flexible than a standard land line number and they come in many different forms and tariffs. Our CallLink Numbers service provides a complete range of national presence numbers including, 0800, 0333, 0300, 0845, 0844 and 0871 numbers.

We also offer a wide variety of 01/02 UK area code numbers to create an impression of local presence. These are ideal for focused marketing campaigns or as a market tester prior to expanding offices.

All CallLink Numbers have a call divert tariff, some include a revenue rebate, and are charged/rebated on a per second basis.

Acuity CallLink Manager

All CallLink Numbers come with unlimited access to a scaled range of powerful, yet easy to use, online call management functionality.

Accessed via a secure web portal, CallLink Manager Service Plans provide real-time control over voice and fax mailboxes, custom announcements, hunt groups, mobile and international routing, IVR menus, intelligent call queuing, time of day routing, online statistics and much more.

CallLink Manager comes with four different Service Plans CallLink Plus, CallLink Premier, CallLink Premium and CallLink Platinum.