Acuity Unified Communications Limited

Next Generation Business Grade Telephony

Internet based voice communications are the future of business telephony

Acuity’s business grade hosted telephony service (using VoIP), will revolutionise your business communications. Acuity Hosted Telephony converts voice into data allowing business calls to be sent and received via an internet connection rather than traditional Telehpone and ISDN lines.

Integrated voice and data solutions like these are the future of business telephony and more and more businesses are moving towards internet based voice communications. The VoIP market is expected to grow enormously over the next two years as more and more companies move over to IP based telephony solutions.

Acuity Hosted Telephony offers a number of advantages all businesses and especially Contact / Call Centres including:-

  • Significant savings in terms of reduced telecommunications infrastructure cost, monthly recurring fees and call charges
  • Excellent, reliable voice quality.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability.
  • Powerful functionality to increase business efficiency and enhance customer service.
  • Enterprise-class technology to connect satellite offices and homeworkers but with significant cost savings when compared to similar solutions using traditional phone systems.
  • Hosted in Acuity data centres significantly reducing loss of service due to power outages

Optimise your business communications, contact our sales team now and enquire how you can start enjoying the remarkable voice quality of Acuity's feature rich, business grade Hosted Telephony solutions. Take advantage of significant cost savings and additional benefits through improved efficiencies and enhanced customer service to achieve a positive impact on bottom line business profitability.