Acuity Network

Small Office Home Office



Inbound Telephone Numbers

Acuity Inbound, Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers coupled with powerful online call management functionality via an easy to use web portal.

Web Hosting & Email Services

NetHost, a range of hosting plans for small or growing businesses that combines your email and website hosting needs into one easy to manage package.

Broadband ADSL Internet

NetLink Broadband provides super fast, next generation, business grade broadband connectivity. With speeds of up to 24Mbps, NetLink Broadband offers a spectrum of service plans that will satisfy the changing requirements of your business as it expands.

Hosted VoIP

Acuity Hosted PBX is an affordable business grade VoIP telephone solution which delivers all the features and capabilities of a PBX telephone system but without having to purchase and maintain expensive on-site PBX equipment.

VoIP Assured IP Connectivity

NetLink Broadband Assured VoIP is a next generation product specifically designed to support our IP-based voice solutions. It provides guaranteed call quality for up to 10 concurrent VoIP calls and naturally compliments Acuity’s NetCall services.

Hosted Applications

A range of on-demand services designed to help your business consolidate and centralise email, data and applications. These ultra secure, always available services are accessible from almost any internet enabled device.

Fixed Line Voice

Acuity CallSave service reduces the cost of business telephone calls by up to 70% compared to BT standard call charges. Combine with Acuity LineSave to produce further significant savings through lower monthly line rental fees.