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Our Services

Acuity Unified Communications is a next-generation, IP-based communications provider supplying a range of products including Unified Communications solutions with full mobile integration, high-speed dedicated leased internet access circuits, MPLS and IPVPN solutions & Hosting Services including Virtual Private Servers within the Acuity cloud.

Acuity provides services on an international scale with customers located across Europe, and as far afield as Asia, all using Acuity's privately-owned Unified Communications platform for their single unified telephony strategy.

Our customers include many well-known household brands, with Acuity providing key components of their national telephony infrastructure. Acuity operates these services on its privately-owned platforms and is therefore not dependent on 3rd parties, making us the provider of choice for those that require quick changes to be made to their services. The platforms, which are located across multiple UK data centres, are designed with High Availability, Business Continuity and regulatory compliance in mind, ensuring improved availability and compliance for our customers.

Customer Support

Acuity operates its own engineering and development teams including the Acuity Support function, providing all the support required to meet our customers' needs, with Acuity field engineers able to attend site when needed.

We are focused on providing the latest integrated IP-based solutions creating flexible, productivity enhancing, cost effective, business communication infrastructures that make your business more efficient and profitable.

Acuity’s highly-trained pre-sales technical team will work with you to identify and design customised plans to upgrade your communications infrastructure, in line with predetermined business objectives, to a cost-efficient, future-proof model.  This will provide real benefits to your business for years to come with the Acuity performance guarantees and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Management Team

Led by highly skilled executives with over 30 years senior management business communications experience working for some of the world’s largest carriers providing mission-critical solutions to some of the largest international companies, and supported by a certified Operations team encompassing multi-discipline accredited technology experts, we are confident that Acuity can provide you with IP-based communications solutions that will give your business a genuine competitive edge.

Next Steps

Take the first step towards a more efficient, profit enhancing, IT and business communications infrastructure by contacting one of our highly skilled consultants to arrange a free of charge, no obligation, business communications review.