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Acuity NetCall

Acuity NetCall SME, an affordable Business Grade Hosted VoIP Solution for Small Businesses

NetCall SME is a hosted business grade VoIP telephone service which delivers all the features and capabilities of a PBX telephone system but without having to purchase and maintain expensive on-site PBX equipment.

Ideal for connecting satellite branches and homeworkers and fully scalable

NetCall SME is ideal for businesses looking to link satellite branches or homeworkers to a main office and, as an added benefit, calls within the same Acuity NetCall SME account, irrespective of location, are treated as internal calls and are free of charge. This applies even if the branch or remote worker is located internationally.

Flexible and scalable, seats can be easily added or removed to meet current business requirements. With NetCall SME you only pay a low monthly “per seat” license for the features that you use and external calls, which are charged by the second.

For certain users you might want to add additional features, such as DDI telephone numbers or call diverts, to enhance their productivity inside and out of the office. Acuity can also provide you with a full range of local, national and international phone numbers that can point to any of your office locations or homeworkers.

Fully-managed or self-managed via an easy to use secure web portal – you decide your involvement

NetCall SME can be self managed through an easy to understand and operate web portal or we can offer you a fully managed service whereby our UK technical support team are at your disposal to deal with any phone issue or reconfiguration request you may have.

State-of-the-art data centres

Hosted in secure state-of-the-art data centres, NetCall SME uses an Acuity high speed, VoIP optimised, internet connection to transport sophisticated functionality directly to your business. Acuity NetCall SME is a plug and play solution that eliminates up-front capital investment, installation and ongoing operating expenses, as well as removing the legacy issues that go with owning a traditional phone system. There is no equipment in your office other than IP-enabled handsets and our frequent feature upgrades ensure your business always has access to the latest cutting edge technology. Find out more about NetCall SME features and NetCall SME benefits or click here to contact sales.