Acuity Unified Communications Limited

Acuity CallSave

Acuity CallSave can reduce the cost of business telephone calls significantly

CallSave is an Acuity carrier pre-selection (CPS) product that allows calls to be automatically routed across an alternative network to that of BT. It is free and simple to set-up, there are no installation fees and no ongoing monthly standing charges. CallSave calls are routed across our network without the need to dial a prefix number or install special equipment at your premises.

Reduce call costs

When you switch to Acuity CallSave, you keep your existing phone number and your line rental remains with your existing service provider. You will still be invoiced by your existing suppliers for these services. The cost of voice calls are automatically billed by Acuity at a lower rate than your current provider. Acuity CallSave can reduce the cost of local, national, mobile, international, specially-tariffed, premium rate and paging calls by up to 70%.

Per second billing

There are no minimum call charges or expensive call set up fees and our sophisticated billing system ensures you only pay for exactly what you use. Cost savings are protected because Acuity CallSave calls are calculated on a per second basis rather than rounded up to the nearest minute.

Our business customers enjoy complete control over their Acuity CallLink Inbound Numbers via unlimited access to a scaled range of powerful, yet easy to use, online call management functionality.

Accessed via a secure web portal, CallLink Manager Service Plans provide 24/7/365 real-time control over voice and fax mailboxes, custom announcements, hunt groups, mobile and international routing, IVR menus, intelligent call queuing, time of day routing, online statistics and many other features.