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Acuity can reduce the cost of business telephony significantly

Carrier Pre-Selection

Acuity Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) allows calls to be automatically routed across an alternative network to that of BT. It is free and simple to set-up, there are no installation fees and no ongoing monthly standing charges. Calls are routed across our network without the need to dial a prefix number or install special equipment at your premises.

When you switch to Acuity, you keep your existing phone number and you could significantly reduce the cost of all calls.

Per second billing

There are no minimum call charges or expensive call set up fees and our sophisticated billing system ensures you only pay for exactly what you use. Cost savings are protected because Acuity calls are calculated on a per second basis rather than rounded up to the nearest minute.

Wholesale Line Rental

Acuity's Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service offers businesses the opportunity of significant savings on the cost of existing BT telephone line rentals. Your service remains exactly as before, with BT maintaining the existing line, the only difference is that you will now be billed by Acuity at a lower cost.

Customers who move their lines to Acuity will automatically benefit from our call charge savings which is overlaid free of charge. This means customers will not only save money on line rental, they will also benefit from reduced voice call costs.

How it works

The whole process is effortless and efficient because there is nothing to change, nothing to install and no downtime. Acuity simply rents your landline from BT at a wholesale price and recharges it to you at a price lower than BT would ordinarily charge. BT continues to provide and maintain the line exactly as before but moving forwards, you will be billed by Acuity for the line rental at the new lower price and your call charges at the reduced rate.