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Dedicated internet access circuits, uncontended and secure internet connections

Providing the simplest and most efficient solution to control business connectivity costs, Acuity's dedicated internet access (DIA) will give you a fixed, uncontended and secure internet connection that is as scalable as your business needs demand.

Our extensive partnership, peering and transit agreements with the UK’s largest IP network providers enables Acuity to provide a full range of connectivity options. Acuity can offer service level agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.9% when provisioning backup circuits and resilient solutions.

Bespoke solutions

For non-standard requirements including Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, our highly qualified Pre-Sales Team can design bespoke solutions that meet the most complex requirements, including alternate DIAs, Leased Lines (to your other locations), fibre broadband and even satellite.

Acuity has a range of circuit options including Ethernet First Mile, National Ethernet, National Leased Line, Dedicated Internet Access, Fibre Broadband, Satellite, Microwave, 4G and Wireless Solutions.

We offer flexible bandwidth speeds up to 10Gbps (where available).

Multi-site, MESH, IPVPN and MPLS VPN services are also available.

Products Multiple Circuit Types
Medium Copper / Fibre / Radio (depending on locations)
Bandwidth Up to 10Gbps (depending on location)
SLA Up to 99.99%
Network All major UK / international carriers
Support & Security 24/7  -365 support - Fully monitored and managed router services supported by Acuity Engineering
Management Acuity 3rd Line Engineer support
Business Continuity Multiple circuit solutions to enable continuity, availability and disaster recovery
Multi-Site WAN Fully redundant & MPLS IPVPN Networks