Acuity Unified Communications Limited
Huawei Preferred Partner

Acuity has been elected to partner with one of the industries most renowned and prestigious, ‘best in breed’ hardware vendor, Huawei. Having successfully attained preferred partner status, Acuity has consciously chosen quality over cost and has developed its Hosted PBX platforms to fully utilise the superiority of this inspiring and stylish product set.

Benefitting from the highest of service availability and minimum equipment failure, Acuity maintains its premium level of service with the added reassurance that the equipment deployed to each and every customer is of corporate quality and capability, no matter the scale of the solution.


The Huawei eSpace 7900 series IP phones are a new-generation of IP phone ushering in an era of simple and stylish work style, combined with superb performance. The award winning innovative design delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use experience, enabling users to benefit from highly efficient communications.

Huawei has created its very own revolutionary audio technology for eSpace 7900 delivering exceptional voice quality. Furthermore, eSpace 7900 employs Advanced Audio Coding-Low Delay (AAC-LD) full-band voice codec with a sampling rate as high as 48 kHz, achieving crystal-clear, high-definition (HD) audio performance for better communication.

The launching of the eSpace 7900 series introduces a family line of IP phones that meet today's business needs: eSpace 7910 (a budget-friendly IP phone), eSpace 7950 (a business IP phone), and eSpace 7903X (an expansion module for eSpace 7950).