Acuity Unified Communications Limited

Acuity LineSave

Acuity LineSave reduces line rental costs by up to 20%

Acuity LineSave is a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service that offers businesses the opportunity of significant savings on the cost of existing BT telephone line rentals. Your service remains exactly as before, with BT maintaining the existing line, the only difference is that you will now be billed by Acuity at a lower cost.

Save money on line rental and call costs

Customers who take LineSave will automatically benefit from our CallSave service which is overlaid free of charge. This means LineSave customers will not only save money on line rental, they will also benefit from reduced voice call costs. Typically, businesses can cut monthly rental charges by up to 20% and call charges by as much as 70%.

How it works

The whole process is effortless and efficient because there is nothing to change, nothing to install and no downtime. Acuity simply rents your landline from BT at a wholesale price and recharges it to you at a price lower than BT would ordinarily charge. BT continues to provide and maintain the line exactly as before but moving forwards, you will be billed by Acuity for the line rental at the new lower price and your call charges, at the reduced CallSave rate.

Performance and call quality unaffected

We understand that businesses need to be certain these attractive lower costs will not be accompanied by an unwelcome downside, in terms of lower quality calls. Acuity ensures call quality standards are maintained by routing your calls across one of the UK’s largest Tier-1 networks which in turn, interconnects directly to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and other major telephone operator networks. We use your current telephone lines and wiring infrastructure, provided and maintained by BT, which means we do not need to install anything new to provide you with this service.

Increase business profitability

As a standalone product, LineSave produces significant cost savings but with the added benefit of being a free recipient of CallSave low cost call rates, LineSave customers enjoy even greater price reductions. In the current economic climate businesses need to avoid unnecessary or wasteful expenditure - our LineSave and CallSave products contribute to this objective by shrinking costs to help boost bottom line business profitability.