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Acuity Hosted Telephony – Next Generation Telephony for Larger Single & Multi-Site Businesses

Acuity Hosted Telephony is a hosted telephony solution designed for larger single and multi-site businesses (typically having between 10 and 100 employees per site) that require powerful telephone features, reduced communications costs and improved productivity.

Utilising Acuity's own hosted highly secure PBX platform, hosted in secure state of the art data centres, Acuity Hosted Telephony uses Acuity high speed, VoIP optimised, internet connections to transport sophisticated telephone functionality directly to your workforce. Our frequent feature upgrades ensure your business always has access to the latest cutting edge technology.

Acuity Hosted Telephony is designed to boost your productivity and encourage flexible working practises by offering features such as hot desking, mobile twinning and business continuity planning through call diverting, which is vital for proper Disaster Recovery practices.

Utilising VoIP technology to become more cost efficient

Tele-working is becoming a very cost effective method of business expansion and Acuity Hosted Telephony enables your remote staff, whereever they are located in the world, to form part of your office telephone network without the capital or network costs normally associated with a traditional PBX solution.

With a traditional PBX configuration there would be a requirement to purchase an expensive telephone system for each site and/or build a costly private network to incorporate the entire workforce. Acuity Hosted Telephony on the other hand, offers a more technically advanced, zero capital expenditure solution which uses Acuity’s secure IP network to bridge the link between offices.

As an added benefit, because your workforce utilises the same Acuity Hosted Telephony account all calls, irrespective of location, are treated as internal calls and are free of charge. Your office in London can call your office in Manchester whilst conferencing in your European office all at nil cost.

Flexible, scalable and easy to manage

Implementing a multi-site telephone network with dispersed users is not your business priority; you just want to have a telephone system that works. Our highly qualified Pre-Sales Team will design, configure, implement (including internal cabling and external connectivity) and train you on all aspects of your Acuity Hosted Telephony solution.

Acuity Acuity Hosted Telephony can be self managed through an easy to understand and operate web portal or, we can offer you a fully managed service whereby our UK technical support team are at your disposal to deal with any phone issue or reconfiguration request you may have.

Find out more about Acuity Hosted Telephony features and view the benefits it can bring to your business or click here to contact sales.