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SIP Trunk Plus Benefits

Enterprises are increasingly turning to IP-based communications to leverage the many promised benefits including lower operational expense, productivity enhancing applications like mobility, unified communications, conferencing and more. SIP Trunk Plus is a first step in the natural progression from legacy, traditional telecommunications towards an IP-based, converged office environment.

Save on PBX Hardware

Substantially Reduce Line Costs

SIP Trunk Plus saves money by reducing the need for multiple ISDN channels and uses the Internet as an alternative call transport medium. Each SIPLink is the equivalent to an ISDN channel but costs a fraction of the monthly rental charge and is not limited by the port scalability of your PBX.

Quick and Easy Installation

Substantially Reduce Hardware Costs

SIP Trunk Plus does not require or utilize any ISDN BRI/S0 ports on your PBX, which means no additional hardware purchases to expand your telephone network or expensive engineering time to activate or change the service.

For a PBX that is already IP enabled (i.e. an IP PBX) no additional equipment is required to install SIP Trunk Plus. If your PBX is not IP enabled, Acuity will install an IP Gateway to convert your analogue traffic into IP traffic.

Substantially Reduce Call Spend

Substantially Reduce Call Spend

Significantly reduce the cost of business calls. Calls transmitted across Acuity IP network and terminated on our global carrier partners’ interconnecting networks high quality calls - call quality same as, or better, than before. Expect to reduce call costs by 60% or more.

Simple to manage

Free Calls between Branches & Homeworkers

Effective intra-company communication at zero cost. All “internal” calls through SIP Trunk Plus service are free – even if your team is located internationally.

Keep Your Number

Disaster Recovery

Never miss a call, never lose a customer opportunity. Freak weather conditions, office disasters (e.g. fires, floods, etc), staff sickness or a utility company incident could disable your business operations and could be detrimental to your income. SIP Trunk Plus is designed to effortlessly switch over call routing between offices or to specific emergency disaster numbers so that your business operation never stops.

Free Calls between Branches & Homeworkers

Keep Your Number

We understand your telephone number is vital to your business. Employing SIP Trunk Plus as part of your telephone network does not require that you change any telephone numbers or DDI’s, it is a complementary service that works alongside your existing ISDN services.

For a completely IP converged office environment, where no ISDN services are required, be it a new office or an upgrade to an existing office, Acuity offers number portability so you can keep your existing telephone numbers and apply them to SIP Trunk Plus.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Rapid Deployment & Scalability

Because SIPLink is a virtual link via IP to Acuity’s IP network and PSTN gateways, site surveys are not required and new activations are done within hours not weeks(assuming you already have a VoIP optimised internet connection available).

SIP Trunk Plus grows with your business. Additional SIPLinks can be added anywhere there is a VoIP optimised broadband internet connection and increases or decreases in capacity can be actioned by a simple telephone call to Acuity’s customer services department.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Fully Managed Installation

Acuity’s technical and installation teams will design and deliver a fully tested SIP Trunk Plus service and will ensure full interoperability with your telephone network.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Fully Managed

Acuity SIP Trunk Plus can be fully managed by Acuity’s technical support teams. One phone call and we will add/remove additional channels or simply answer user questions concerning features and functions. Onsite training is always available and technical support is on hand if required.