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Guaranteed, Optimised Connectivity

for VoIP

Until recently, broadband internet quality was a limiting factor inhibiting the advancement of business grade VoIP and hosted telephone services within the small & medium business communities. The advent of BT’s 21CN programme, which is transforming the UKs telephone PSTN network to an IP-based system, has improved the standard of IP-connectivity to the point where it is now possible to provide the QoS guarantees that true business class VOIP telephony requires.   

The advent of 21CN has enabled Acuity to introduce NetLink Broadband Assured VoIP, a next generation product specifically designed to support our IP-based voice solutions. It provides guaranteed call quality for up to 10 concurrent VoIP calls and naturally compliments Acuity’s NetCall services.

Quality of Service

Acuity understands that crystal clear call quality is of paramount importance to business telephony which is why we always recommend that separate ADSL lines are used for internet access and voice services but even then, it has to be taken into consideration that regular ADSL is designed for bursts of traffic and single direction data transfer (i.e. file downloading, web browsing, etc.) which makes it less than ideal for symmetrical IP applications such as voice calls or video conferencing.

This is why Acuity has introduced NetLink Broadband Assured VoIP, IP connectivity specifically engineered for IP-based voice solutions. NetLink Assured guarantees call quality and connections for up to 10 concurrent calls (the equivalent to 10 ISDN channels) by applying Quality of Service parameters and controls to prioritise traffic end-to-end from your internet router and through the Acuity IP core network.

Reliable & Fully Managed

NetLink Broadband Assured VoIP is a guaranteed service that is fully managed by Acuity Networks and includes 24-hour fault resolution, 24/7 telephone technical support and next day equipment replacement. Like all our NetLink services, Acuity can provide service level agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.9% when provisioned with backup connections.

Our highly qualified Pre-Sales team will design, configure and implement all aspects of your NetLink Broadband Assured VoIP solution and our UK technical support team are at your disposal to deal with any upgrade requests you may have.

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