Acuity Unified Communications Limited
Multi-protocol, efficient and secure multi-site connectivity

Acuity NetLink MPLS is a solution for multi-location businesses that require secure, high speed, intelligent and fully managed network solutions with lower network operating costs than a traditional Wide Area Network (WAN).

NetLink MPLS gives you all the advantages of the latest Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology including speedier deployment of critical business applications such as voice services, inter-office IT application sharing and other secure back-end applications (such as CRM, financial systems, etc).

Unlike traditional WAN network infrastructures (i.e. ATM and frame relay) NetLink MPLS provides multiple site-to-site secure routing plans and multiple last-mile connection options, which makes it ideal for incorporating remote offices and remote workers.

Maximise network investment

NetLink MPLS will maximize your network investment because it uses bandwidth far more efficiently than traditional WAN services and, because it supports both Layer 2 and Layer 3 packets, MPLS is more compatible and expedient at routing IP than ATM and Frame.

Our comprehensive understanding of the benefits that IP-based communications can bring to businesses means that Acuity also provides a full range of voice services and solutions to compliment your MPLS network and further improve your business communications investment.

Reliable & fully managed

Whether you require a fully managed solution, want Acuity to help you co-manage your network, help meet your business continuity requirements, or simply want assistance with network monitoring and fault notification services, Acuity can custom design a MPLS solution to meet your specific needs.

Acuity offers competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on packet loss and jitter, network availability and packet delivery. Additionally our network latency rates are 65 milliseconds or less and our SLAs offer fault resolution within 8 hours.

Our highly qualified Pre-Sales team will design, configure and implement all aspects of your NetLink MPLS solution and our UK technical support team are at your disposal to deal with any network requests you may have.