Acuity Unified Communications Limited

NetLink PrivateLine, high speed dedicated point-to-point connectivity

Acuity’s NetLink PrivateLine service provides a high speed, dedicated point-to-point connection to securely transfer data between locations. Whether you want to connect two local offices or multiple sites across multiple cities, Acuity can provide a reliable, cost efficient solution.

Secure and cost efficient

NetLink PrivateLine provides the simplest, most secure and cost effective, method of passing data or voice traffic between your main and remote office sites. The provisioned circuits do not touch the public networks (i.e. Internet) at any point and can either connect directly between point A and point B or transverse securely across Acuity’s IP network.

Bandwidth is fixed, uncontended and not impacted by fluctuations in network connections elsewhere. It is completely secure and ideally suited to sending time-sensitive and confidential communications.

SLAs up to 99.9%

Flexible high-capacity bandwidth options are available from 1Mbps up to 155Mbps, though bespoke speeds are possible, and we provide service level agreements (SLAs) of up to 99.9% when provisioned with backup connections.

For non-standard requirements and/or Disaster Recovery, our highly qualified Pre-Sales Team can design bespoke solutions that meet even the most complex of requirements.