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Making the move from PSTN to SIP trunks

The global telephony market is moving away from the traditional telephone network, i.e. analogue lines and ISDN channels, to new internet-based communications using SIP trunks.

What are SIP trunks?

Session Initialisation Protocol (SIP) trunks are virtual phone lines delivered through the internet to your IP PBX or your hosted telephony IP handsets.

Benefits of Acuity SIP trunks

  • Lower monthly line & number rentals
  • Lower call charges
  • Fully-transportable telephone numbers

Acuity provides a number of SIP trunk solutions, either via its SIP Trunk Plus platform, or directly via the Acuity Hosted Telephony service.

SIP Trunks via the SIP Trunk Plus platform offer call recording for both mobile and office numbers, along with innovative toll fraud mitigation. The service, which is compatible with all IP PBX and hosted PBX solutions, including, 3CX, is all available via the SIP Trunk Plus portal.