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Acuity SIP Benefits

Enterprises are increasingly turning to IP-based communications to leverage the many benefits including lower operational expense, productivity enhancing applications like mobility, unified communications, conferencing and more. SIP is a first step in the natural progression from legacy, traditional telecommunications towards an IP-based, converged office environment.


Substantially Reduce Line Costs

SIP trunks provide customers with significant savings over traditional fixed line circuits.


Substantially Reduce Hardware Costs

For a PBX that is already IP enabled (i.e. an IP PBX) no additional equipment is required to install SIP trunks. If your PBX is not IP enabled, Acuity can install an IP Gateway to convert your analogue traffic into IP traffic.


Substantially Reduce Call Spend

Call charges over SIP trunks can be significantly less than fixed line services.


Keep Your Number

For a completely IP converged office environment, where no ISDN services are required, be it a new office or an upgrade to an existing office, Acuity offers number portability so you can keep your existing telephone numbers and apply them to your SIP trunks.


Rapid Deployment & Scalability

Because SIP channels are virtual lines via Acuity’s IP network, site surveys are not required and new activations can be done within hours.