Acuity Unified Communications Limited

Acuity Hosted Telephony Features

Save on PBX Hardware

Auto Attendant

Create sophisticated but customer friendly auto-attendant voice menus with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), multiple contexts, options and actions, which direct the caller to the correct department/person without involving valuable human resources.

Quick and Easy Installation

Call Queues

Call queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents using sophisticated algorithms. Used by sales, customer service or support, they maximize company resource utilization and improve customer satisfaction through pre-recorded marketing, information or position messages.

Substantially Reduce Call Spend

Hunt Groups

Make sure that every call is answered. Hunt groups allow you to manage inbound calls by assigning time/day routing plans, creating call cascading to groups of extensions, call forwarding to other phone numbers or voicemail messages.

Simple to manage

Time/Day Routing

Assigning time/day routing plans to your calls means your operators will only receive calls during pre-determined periods (i.e. opening hours). At other times, customers will hear pre-recorded announcements or can be diverted to other phone numbers/voicemail.

Keep Your Number

Call Recording

Call recording is becoming an important factor relevant to customer service, training and legal disputes. Acuity Hosted Telephony has two call recording options, “event driven” (i.e. the employee presses a button) or setup as an “unconditional rule” (operated by management/authorised person).

Free Calls between Branches & Homeworkers


Fax2Email accounts can be setup per person, department or company. Each account will have a dedicated telephone number and will point to a specific email address. Users will receive fax notifications and fax messages as PDF files directly to their email.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions


Voicemail2Email accounts can be setup per person, department or company. Each account will have a voice mailbox that will point to a specific email address. Voicemail notifications (including caller information) and the message (as a .wmv file) will be sent directly to the account email.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Conference Calls

Acuity Hosted Telephony includes a fully featured conference room facility that can be used for internal calls (for free) or with a telephone number assigned to allow external callers to participate.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Music/Messages on Hold

Acuity Hosted Telephony allows you to add music to calls on hold and also to play pre-recorded messages. You can choose from our pre-loaded music options or a personalised professionally recorded message commissioned by us. Alternatively you can upload your own files* (MP3) and waiting messages.

* Copyright and ownership are the responsibility of the customer.

Unlimited Additional Seats or Extensions

Reports & Statistics

Acuity Hosted Telephony tells you how your business is performing from a telephony perspective. Easy to understand but detailed call reports and statistics are essential for any call centre environment. They are also an invaluable aid when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of marketing activity. Acuity Hosted Telephony gives you KPI reports that include call peak periods, answered/unanswered calls, call distribution, call status report and graphical charts to name but a few.